#EA38 Tesco Extra Special

One serious grammar error on the part of Tesco but with a funny from some bad abbreviation to follow.

The lack of apostrophe is the sign of chaos here.

Whilst the fudge – if eaten to the extreme – may have some impact on the ass or arse of the one indulging (and not just the Welsh here), the abbreviation of assorted is normally ‘asst’ or ‘asstd’.

#EA37 Thatcher ‘Dance on Grave’ T-shirts

Branded ‘tasteless and totally inappropriate’  by the TUC General Secretary, some T-shirts raising funds for the Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre were withdrawn from sale from outside the main hall at the Brighton Centre – venue of the TUC Conference – earlier today.

Alongside this display of exceptional bad taste and lack of empathy, we also have a distinct lack of education exhibited for all to see.  Yes, there’s a missing apostrophe in respect of the possessive.

We added the yellow apostrophe.

#EA36 From the Olympics …

… the Olympic Park, I believe.  Well-spotted by @KayWorboys.  We have a typo, a spelling error (plus an incorrect case for ‘Park’), and a case of an errant apostrophe combined with some missing punctuation.  Who needs the education here?  BT?  I expect they are hiding in a park somewhere …

#EA35 Daily Telegraph confused with your / you’re

Was it too much excitement over that splendid birthday cake…

that led to this:

#EA34 – Daily Mail Terminology Special Edition

Is it ‘cos it’s Wales?  Does the dragon scare the DailyMail so much that finding the right terms proves impossible?  Within the space of 24 hours we have two reports and pics from Wales that were simply just silly.  And today we have that old chestnut as the Duke of Edinburgh leaves hospital…

I think they meant ‘… got respite …’ here.

Looks like he’s clambering over a fallen tree with a house behind…

‘Discharged’ if you please.

#EA33 Daily Mail in double plural scandal

The Daily Mail, in its election excitement, extends the double negative concept into the double plural today.

Tories lose. One Tory loses.

#EA32 Still some learning to do here …

The Early Learning Centre.  With a bag for pencils that will never, ever move.

#EA31 Author site missing an apostrophe …

Yes, really.

#EA30 Subtitles can be wrong …

From the final episode of Inspector Montalbano, shown on BBC4 last night.  That should be ‘… dependent on …’ to be correct.

#EA29 where a simple plural may have medical influence

A Global Positioning System (GPS) is unlikely to be much use with a review of your statins medication.  One of those pesky GPs at your local surgery will come up trumps though.

The UK's Daily Mail on 3 April 2012.