#EA11 Programme or program?

Here’s something seeping into British English usage:

But a look at the OED confirms we Brits still differentiate.  Or should be doing so.


#EA10 The Leveson Inquiry doesn’t get it…

Back to the same web page as yesterday: the proofreader missed the possessive “its”.

#EA9 The Leveson Inquiry Confusion

The website has been proofread and comes up trumps on the simple plural.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for the preparation of their witness statements.

#EA8 Daily Mail drops possessive apostrophe in the plural

I live in hope that baby Harper Beckham will grow up to learn that she flew back in luxury “to see her parents’ hometown”.  From the Daily Mail online on 19 December 2011.

#EA7 BBC doesn’t quite get it

This is from the transcript of an interview with some of the greats in publishing for a programme about books.  One imagines that Gail Rebuck would never have seen it in print like that.  The BBC was doing really well until the ‘it’ went into possessive mode.  (Viewed on the BBC site on 14 December, 2011.)

#EA6 Estate agent doesn’t quite get it

You can clearly see who is responsible for this listing on Rightmove, which should have used ‘its’ not ‘it’s’.

But we also loved the comedy value here, comparing historic sites with ‘more modern facilities’, as you do.

#EA5 Daily Mail troubled over Louis

Back to form within 24 hours, the Daily Mail has trouble with the possessive in Louis’s case.

#TU1 Daily Mail gets it right

To ensure they realise I am not picking on them.  You just know it’s been written because of how it sounds…

That’s a ‘before’ pic of Louis by the way!

#EA4 From NHS Signage

December 2009, from one NHS trust in south Wales. Of importance to those desperate for “fag’s, cigarette’s, cigarillo’s, cigar’s and pipe’s” when attending that hospital clinic, I presume.  (Ironically, the Ear, Nose and Throat Department was in there at the time.)

#EA2 and #EA3 Daily Mail Excels…

…with two spotted in one day.  First we have the talk show. If only Bruno had said ‘antibodies’ and not ‘anybody’s’.

Secondly, it’s that simple plural problem again.