#EA12 Matching the single noun with the single verb

“How other half arrive in style?”  Other halves may arrive in style.  One other half arrives.  (We start the year with the consistently reliable ye olde Daily Mail.)

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  1. Um, I hate to disagree but in this instance I believe the author is using the phrase ”The Other Half” which is effectively a proper noun for a rich sub-section of society, as in ‘How the ‘Other Half’ live’. Changing it to ‘other halves’ suggests something completely different, which is partners in relationships. He could have added an ‘s’ to make ‘ARRIVES IN STYLE’ but this would change the tense and created a subtly different meaning – that the ‘Other Half’ are arriving now, rather than a general statement about how these people travel. The only real mistake the author made here is rather typical of tabloid headline style – he dropped the word ‘THE’, presumably to make the text fit the box better.
    Just my 2p!


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