Abuse Examples

  • Misuse of the apostrophe.
  • Incorrect/misleading punctuation.
  • Incorrectly composed simple plurals. (Becoming a crimeficreader favourite in 2011.)
  • Incorrect spelling.
  • Anything that doesn’t comply with New Hart’s Rules.

Send in anything you see!

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  1. Hi Rhian,
    I think you may be interested in : http://www.visitscottishborders.com/WhatToSee/Golf/default.aspx
    This entry from the organisation supposedly promoting tourism in the Scottish Borders commits many crimes against grammar, including a blatant avoidance of apostrophes.

  2. Today’s New Statesman invites readers to vote in a poll on carbon reduction: http://www.newstatesman.com/uk-politics/2012/01/labour-korea-miliband-hunt (bottom right corner) and falls into the its/it’s pit of poor punctuation.
    Rhian, should I be emailing these to you, or is it ok to leave details on this page?


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