#EA28 Possessive about CVs?

From The Bookseller.


#EA27 BBC quakes over apostrophe

In an article on Quakers in business the BBC probably meant Quakers as business leaders and not just one Quaker covering it all.

Correction: "But the Quakers' time as business leaders has passed, according to Mr Stoller."

#EA26 Daily Mail loses sense of grammar in excitement over tonight’s Oscars

Multiple errors on the use of our dear friend, the apostrophe.  What a mess.

#EA25 The TV Book Club omits an apostrophe

#EA24 The BBC’s Robert Peston and an errant apostrophe

Oh, Mr Peston, it must be all that excitement writing about Fred the Shred losing his manhood knighthood.

#EA23 The New Statesman doesn’t get it

It should have been "its".

With thanks to @JanetOKane for the eagle-eyed submission.

#EA22 Arts Council England’s Job Advertisement

Spotted yesterday.  Collective nouns can confuse but that should read ‘everyone’s life’ and given the context, perhaps ‘everyone’s lives’.

The advertisement went on to ensure potential applicants realised that spelling and punctuation skills are not really required for this post.

#EA21 An Apostrolapse at Waterstones

Yesterday was the day they announced changes to their branding and the removal of the possessive apostrophe.  (That’s an argument for another time.)  But if you are going to do it, then do it correctly and don’t be sloppy!  Here’s the ‘look and list’ for the errors on their ‘About’ page today:

  1. Correction for the possessive would make it Waterstones’s mission
  2. Consistency required on the branding here.  The shop display in the picture does not match the new format fuelling confusion in any who might notice.
  3. Pedantry would lead to: Waterstones’s flagship shop… but The Waterstones flagship shop on… carries an easier ring to it.

#EA20 ‘To Hastings’ said the apostrophe

It’s today’s Daily Deal for Kindle in the UK on Amazon.

Correction: Hastingses'

It appears we can hold Amazon responsible for that one as it’s a précis of the paperback book entry and someone seems to have ‘taken a decision’.  But, did Atlantic Books submit the original in this form?

Correction: Hastingses'

Oh dear.  It looks like that may have been the case.

#EA19 They are not possessive in the Borders

Submitted yesterday by @JanetOKane, the Visit Scottish Borders website is not consistent with a few things.  Our errant apostrophes here relate to the (missing) possessive.  Consistency on ‘Borders’ would be useful, as would use of a spellcheck function.

... a golfers' paradise ... an hour's drive ...