#EA26 Daily Mail loses sense of grammar in excitement over tonight’s Oscars

Multiple errors on the use of our dear friend, the apostrophe.  What a mess.


#EA23 The New Statesman doesn’t get it

It should have been "its".

With thanks to @JanetOKane for the eagle-eyed submission.

#EA15 Waterstone’s don’t get it…

Submitted by @janehill64 who spotted this one in a branch of Waterstone’s back in August, 2010.  One may always judge a book by its cover when it’s appropriate to do so.

#EA10 The Leveson Inquiry doesn’t get it…

Back to the same web page as yesterday: the proofreader missed the possessive “its”.

#EA7 BBC doesn’t quite get it

This is from the transcript of an interview with some of the greats in publishing for a programme about books.  One imagines that Gail Rebuck would never have seen it in print like that.  The BBC was doing really well until the ‘it’ went into possessive mode.  (Viewed on the BBC site on 14 December, 2011.)

#EA6 Estate agent doesn’t quite get it

You can clearly see who is responsible for this listing on Rightmove, which should have used ‘its’ not ‘it’s’.

But we also loved the comedy value here, comparing historic sites with ‘more modern facilities’, as you do.