#EA38 Tesco Extra Special

One serious grammar error on the part of Tesco but with a funny from some bad abbreviation to follow.

The lack of apostrophe is the sign of chaos here.

Whilst the fudge – if eaten to the extreme – may have some impact on the ass or arse of the one indulging (and not just the Welsh here), the abbreviation of assorted is normally ‘asst’ or ‘asstd’.


#EA37 Thatcher ‘Dance on Grave’ T-shirts

Branded ‘tasteless and totally inappropriate’  by the TUC General Secretary, some T-shirts raising funds for the Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre were withdrawn from sale from outside the main hall at the Brighton Centre – venue of the TUC Conference – earlier today.

Alongside this display of exceptional bad taste and lack of empathy, we also have a distinct lack of education exhibited for all to see.  Yes, there’s a missing apostrophe in respect of the possessive.

We added the yellow apostrophe.

#EA31 Author site missing an apostrophe …

Yes, really.

#EA26 Daily Mail loses sense of grammar in excitement over tonight’s Oscars

Multiple errors on the use of our dear friend, the apostrophe.  What a mess.

#EA25 The TV Book Club omits an apostrophe

#EA22 Arts Council England’s Job Advertisement

Spotted yesterday.  Collective nouns can confuse but that should read ‘everyone’s life’ and given the context, perhaps ‘everyone’s lives’.

The advertisement went on to ensure potential applicants realised that spelling and punctuation skills are not really required for this post.

#EA21 An Apostrolapse at Waterstones

Yesterday was the day they announced changes to their branding and the removal of the possessive apostrophe.  (That’s an argument for another time.)  But if you are going to do it, then do it correctly and don’t be sloppy!  Here’s the ‘look and list’ for the errors on their ‘About’ page today:

  1. Correction for the possessive would make it Waterstones’s mission
  2. Consistency required on the branding here.  The shop display in the picture does not match the new format fuelling confusion in any who might notice.
  3. Pedantry would lead to: Waterstones’s flagship shop… but The Waterstones flagship shop on… carries an easier ring to it.

#EA19 They are not possessive in the Borders

Submitted yesterday by @JanetOKane, the Visit Scottish Borders website is not consistent with a few things.  Our errant apostrophes here relate to the (missing) possessive.  Consistency on ‘Borders’ would be useful, as would use of a spellcheck function.

... a golfers' paradise ... an hour's drive ...

#EA15 Waterstone’s don’t get it…

Submitted by @janehill64 who spotted this one in a branch of Waterstone’s back in August, 2010.  One may always judge a book by its cover when it’s appropriate to do so.

#EA14 ITV’s Endeavour not entirely on the ball for the 1960s

Someone making the props needed apostrophe lessons.