#EA37 Thatcher ‘Dance on Grave’ T-shirts

Branded ‘tasteless and totally inappropriate’  by the TUC General Secretary, some T-shirts raising funds for the Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre were withdrawn from sale from outside the main hall at the Brighton Centre – venue of the TUC Conference – earlier today.

Alongside this display of exceptional bad taste and lack of empathy, we also have a distinct lack of education exhibited for all to see.  Yes, there’s a missing apostrophe in respect of the possessive.

We added the yellow apostrophe.


#EA36 From the Olympics …

… the Olympic Park, I believe.  Well-spotted by @KayWorboys.  We have a typo, a spelling error (plus an incorrect case for ‘Park’), and a case of an errant apostrophe combined with some missing punctuation.  Who needs the education here?  BT?  I expect they are hiding in a park somewhere …

#EA31 Author site missing an apostrophe …

Yes, really.

#EA22 Arts Council England’s Job Advertisement

Spotted yesterday.  Collective nouns can confuse but that should read ‘everyone’s life’ and given the context, perhaps ‘everyone’s lives’.

The advertisement went on to ensure potential applicants realised that spelling and punctuation skills are not really required for this post.