#EA36 From the Olympics …

… the Olympic Park, I believe.  Well-spotted by @KayWorboys.  We have a typo, a spelling error (plus an incorrect case for ‘Park’), and a case of an errant apostrophe combined with some missing punctuation.  Who needs the education here?  BT?  I expect they are hiding in a park somewhere …


#EA28 Possessive about CVs?

From The Bookseller.

#EA26 Daily Mail loses sense of grammar in excitement over tonight’s Oscars

Multiple errors on the use of our dear friend, the apostrophe.  What a mess.

#EA24 The BBC’s Robert Peston and an errant apostrophe

Oh, Mr Peston, it must be all that excitement writing about Fred the Shred losing his manhood knighthood.

#EA17 What they get up to down under…

With thanks to @Janis_mumof3 for submitting this one.  It’s the Myer store in Adelaide, Australia and the picture was taken very recently.  The apostrophe is totally unnecessary.