#EA29 where a simple plural may have medical influence

A Global Positioning System (GPS) is unlikely to be much use with a review of your statins medication.  One of those pesky GPs at your local surgery will come up trumps though.

The UK's Daily Mail on 3 April 2012.


#EA28 Possessive about CVs?

From The Bookseller.

#EA26 Daily Mail loses sense of grammar in excitement over tonight’s Oscars

Multiple errors on the use of our dear friend, the apostrophe.  What a mess.

#EA18 Apostrophe Policing the Metropolitan Police

Spotted and submitted today by @Sarah_Hilary, who was no doubt doing some research for her crime novels, here we see the Metropolitan Police confused over plurals for acronyms.

For clarity, over to Oxford Dictionaries:

#EA16 Weekend special: how to handle a Fellowes

Downton Abbey’s creator is Julian Fellowes and his surname presents the Daily Mail with problems when it comes to both the plural and the possessive.  On 22 October 2010 it was both the plural and the possessive.

Plural: Felloweses. Possessive plural: Felloweses'.

Roll on 14 September 2011 and it’s the singular possessive that’s the problem in an article written by A. N. Wilson.

But in between on 9 November 2010, Max Hastings showed how to get the singular possessive correct.

#EA14 ITV’s Endeavour not entirely on the ball for the 1960s

Someone making the props needed apostrophe lessons.



#EA13 In a UK supermarket…

A Tesco branch in Reading to be precise, spotted by @sfj1642 on 23 December.  We have multiple problems with the signs.

Tesco can manage a simple plural for a crumpet but are confused when pointing you to their croissants.

This one suggests one kid and many yoghurts when they obviously hope to be feeding many kids their yoghurt offerings.  “Kids’ yoghurts” please.

#EA9 The Leveson Inquiry Confusion

The website has been proofread and comes up trumps on the simple plural.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for the preparation of their witness statements.

#EA4 From NHS Signage

December 2009, from one NHS trust in south Wales. Of importance to those desperate for “fag’s, cigarette’s, cigarillo’s, cigar’s and pipe’s” when attending that hospital clinic, I presume.  (Ironically, the Ear, Nose and Throat Department was in there at the time.)

#EA2 and #EA3 Daily Mail Excels…

…with two spotted in one day.  First we have the talk show. If only Bruno had said ‘antibodies’ and not ‘anybody’s’.

Secondly, it’s that simple plural problem again.