#EA38 Tesco Extra Special

One serious grammar error on the part of Tesco but with a funny from some bad abbreviation to follow.

The lack of apostrophe is the sign of chaos here.

Whilst the fudge – if eaten to the extreme – may have some impact on the ass or arse of the one indulging (and not just the Welsh here), the abbreviation of assorted is normally ‘asst’ or ‘asstd’.


#EA13 In a UK supermarket…

A Tesco branch in Reading to be precise, spotted by @sfj1642 on 23 December.  We have multiple problems with the signs.

Tesco can manage a simple plural for a crumpet but are confused when pointing you to their croissants.

This one suggests one kid and many yoghurts when they obviously hope to be feeding many kids their yoghurt offerings.  “Kids’ yoghurts” please.